Davood Bayat

-These are you or me?

-What if I don’t want to be you?

I constantly question myself and my situation;  how I have been, my history, my past, how I played my role. “This is Davood, Mr. Bayat!” sometimes I introduce a part of myself like this to my other part. I am not sure if the things I have done myself are actually done by “me” or not. Then I feel there is no certainty in the world, and reality relies on ideology. There exist no virtue or value that you can’t laugh at or make fun of.

I like many more things. I like literature. Linguistics has taken all over me. I am controlled by my language. I have sold my soul to the Mephistopheles* of linguistics. The meaning exists in linguistics and every meaning is lingual and nothing becomes meaningful unless it is lingual. Thus, I also make fun of linguistics.

 *Points to Goethe’s Faust story.


instagram: davood.bayatt