Hoora Masale Dan


What a future you could expect from a kid who kept looking out the window until she was 8,9 years old, waiting for the messenger owl to bring a message from Hogwarts telling she is not a normal human being and she has super natural powers. 

I am an architect and an interior designer, who writes scripts so often since that’s the only time I can do whatever I want and I can make the whole world the way I like. Did you know how many times I rewrite the movies with different endings?

All of these are processed in a mind of whom believes in aliens, and magic; Loves pizza, Lattes, and sneakers. And believes in love at first sight! And you can see all of these in my designs.

If I want to write the scenario of my own life: one day in the gallery of my works, that I have designed it myself, I receive a letter from an anonymous person, and nothing would be the same…

Instagram:  h.mim_art