Kiarash Khalili


When people catch the rhythm of life, they are in fact dancing with the universe’s harmony. I love dancing. I love rhythm, color (especially when it’s orange), music, and of course burger. Is it radically awkward to name burger after these artistic terms? This is exactly why my mind can create the most bizarre, yet tuned, combination of things, also known as collage.
Well, if I was a Qajar prince who could do whatever he wants from dawn to dusk, I would definitely start my day with a burger in my bed. Then I would put some music, turn up the volume, and dance in my orange room. After couple hours of “Ghering” I would take a break with one or two burgers and then repeat the schedule. Nothing can cheer me up like dancing, and nothing can fuel me up better than a good burger!

Instagram: Kiarash Khalili