Razie Hosseini


Pasta, my analog camera, Vogue magazine, tons of books and films, endless amounts of shoes and clothes... and, finally, an enormous room with one completely glass window, preferably facing the sea, or maybe even a jungle...maybe even a light purple wall in my room; these are all things that would make me extremely happy.

Sitting behind my laptop, my dreams come to life even as I can’t stop thinking about all the hardships I’ve faced, the times I was forgotten, the times I was made fun of... I take a deep breath, forget about working, open up my hair, feel the wind, and smile as I think about how everything has changed. I think about how strong and patient I’ve become, how I’m getting closer to achieving my goals as each day passes, and finally how much I love the Razie of today.

Instagram: hosseiniraziiie.artwork