A Depiction of a Persian Champion

Farinaz Lari is real.

From the minute I met Farinaz Lari at District Warrior in November 2017, I decided to trust her with something that I was scared of, and that was the physical change. She believed in me when I was afraid and the weakest physically - at a moment of need. This is something that Farinaz does. Not just for me but for everyone who comes to District Warrior. Farinaz lifts people up. Literally. Often professional athletes will push you but not necessarily to the point where you are as good or better than them. Farinaz does that. She doesn't just pull herself up. If you show up and have the guts to push yourself passed your "limits," she will get you there. And if for a moment you doubt yourself, then she will reassure you. All the time. Not necessarily with words but with the way she acts and looks.

As a woman working in a male-dominated field, I know it can be such a challenge to break the glass ceilings. As a fighter and a trainer, Farinaz hasn't broken these "ceilings." She truly has shattered them. And the best part is that this is just the beginning. I recently saw her act as a coach and a leader at a local fighting competition. I observed that all the trainers who were engaged were male. Except her. She was fully involved in what she was doing. She was there along with Ali Khanjari, her partner in many paths of life. And she was leading in her own way. Talking to people. Caring for District Warrior fighters and other fighters. Creating a community in a place where people are highly competitive. Again, Farinaz championed people to come with her and to rise together. Male or female.

Farinaz is real. She is real, even in the face of struggles. Successful people often don't admit their flaws, and they like to protect an image. But Farinaz will share her bruises, her pain, and challenges with you because she knows that they are just another step in her journey. Maybe it will help you see your own failure as part of your own journey towards your goal.

I can go on and describe this beautiful soul, role model, trainer, mover, sister from another mother and friend of mine forever. But to put it concisely:

Farinaz is a champion.
In every sense of the word.

This design is a beautiful depiction of Farinaz Lari. A Canadian-Iranian woman who is real, strong, honest, caring, inclusive, and driven.

We Can Do it! (Farinaz)

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