Unconditional Love

My mom always taught me that if you truly love someone, you must love them unconditionally. The most powerful love is that which lasts through hardship and which seeks to better understand the other.

Being an LGBTQ Iranian means we often go through the shock of realizing the love we have received is conditional. Our family will only care for us if we marry someone of the sex they want, identify with the gender they chose, and use the name they gave us. In many countries, being gay or transgender is a death sentence.

I don’t blame parents and loved ones for their initial aversion to a child being LGBTQ. They worry, based on what they were taught, that the child will suffer for the rest of their life. However, the world has changed rapidly, and LGBTQ people can live healthy productive lives in many countries. But there are still difficulties, especially for my transgender siblings.

If you love someone, love them unconditionally. Be there for them, and it is ok to seek help when figuring out how to best support. With your unconditional love, there is no limit to what that child can accomplish.

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