Women's equality day




We live in a society where women have fought with blood, sweat, and tears to be on the same playing field as men. Women fought in 1920 to finally have a voice in society. It's 2018, but why does it still feel like the battle of the sexes?

Did you know an equally qualified man and woman performing the same job don't earn the same equal pay? A woman earns 97.8 cents for every dollar earned by the man. As our infamous president would tweet... "SAD!"

After years of ignorance, we now live in a society where education for men and women is equal. Women are not qualified as second class citizens. From successful entrepreneurs to lead aerospace engineers, women can do it all. Women can build the same success as men while having the ability to bare children in 9 months and don't get me started on mother nature showing up once a month. So with all that being said why is there still discrimination in the workforce? Why are women still sexually objectified? Why can't men support women without feeling judged? On a global standpoint, there are endless unanswered questions. But what can you do? 

What YOU can do as an individual is take a stance and end sexism.


Respect and

Don't underestimate the true power of women.

Author: Neda Mousavi