Woman, Life, Freedom – Women’s Rights and Revolution(s) in Iran

by Alireza Diba on

In recent years, Iran has seen a growing wave of protests as its citizens have taken to the streets to demand change. One of the most significant of...

All About Persian Food

by Alireza Diba on

Hi! I’m Tara! The cook, writer, and photographer behind the Madeofsugarandsaffron.com My website is all about food, recipes, and photos. All the things that make me happy. Today, I...

HAPPY YALDA! Let's Celebrate Longest Night of The Year

by Alireza Diba on

Shabe Yalda is one of the most ancient and popular celebrations in Persian culture. This year it will be celebrated on December 22nd!  Essentially this symbolic night is a...

A Depiction of a Persian Champion

by Shalaleh Rismani on

Farinaz Lari made history when she became the first Iranian woman to win the World Kickboxing Championships in 2013. 

Persian Food - Tahdig

by Morvarid Bajgiran on

The one dish that disappears in a blink of an eye in any Persian gathering; it’s crunchy, tastes dreamy and it’s golden both in color and value. Yes,...

Persian Rug Collection

by Alireza Diba on

Persian Rugs are famous for their elegance and unique designs. In Iran, carpet weaving has been around for more than 2,000 years. 


by Alireza Diba on

For many people, New Year’s resolutions are either in progress, or have been left behind. However, Iranians around the world are preparing their lists as Norouz, the Persian...

Unconditional Love

by Arash . on

‘Rangarang’ in Farsi means colorful. The design is dedicated to signify the LGBTQ community. The stigma due to cultural and religious reasoning has caused the LGBTQ community to...

Women's Equality Day

by Neda Mousavi on

Equality.  We live in a society where women have fought with blood, sweat, and tears to be on the same playing field as men. Women fought in 1920...

FIFA World Cup 2018

by Alireza Heydarpourdiba on

This year the FIFA World Cup was very special for Iranians around the world.  Everyone knew our TeamMelli has the potential to advance from the group stage and make...